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Day 2


Cruising Day

Day 3

Tuesday - Surabaya

Not just any hidden gem, Surabaya is a brilliant diamond waiting to be unearthed. Take it all in – the awe-inspiring Masjid National Al Akbar mosque, an iconic mountain top and volcano view at dawn, historic gothic churches, massive Hindu temples and stately Dutch colonial architecture.

Day 4

Wednesday - North Bali (Celukan Bawang)

Love fabulous beaches and watersports? North Bali’s got it covered. But here the beaches are miles of black volcanic sand, temples repose by misty mountain lakes, markets are works of art, and Dutch colonial architecture is a romantic reminder of ages past.

Day 5


Cruising Day

Day 6



Venture on this “road less travelled” and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular mountain scenery, royal Indonesian and colonial Dutch heritage, and fascinating cultural traditions. Mount Bromo is Indonesia’s most-hiked mountain, an awesome sight at dawn, or a more refined excursion leads to the legendary Majapahit Hotel, an emblem of “old Surabaya.” Or simply sit back and enjoy an extraordinary spectator sport - the famous Karapan Sapi bull race, with the beasts in full regalia. Continue your adventure to see northern Bali’s royal palace, lovely black sand Lovina beach and misty mountain lakes. You’ll have a treasure trove of astonishing stories – and eye-popping photos – for your friends back home.

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