• How do I book the tour?
    Booking the tour is very easy, please view our booking page.

  • When should I book the Tour?
    You can book the tour not more than 3 months prior the tour date & at least 15 days before the tour date.
  • Traveling with infants?
    We will try our best to manage traveling with infants and make your journey more comfortable. However we strongly suggest you to take all the necessary precautions about special food, medicines required for your baby. Also please have a look at the weather conditions for the places you are planned to travel.
  • How do I pay the booking cost / Tour cost ?
    You can pay the amount using Online Bank Transaction, Credit/Debit card, or by personally visiting one of our office. Please click here for more details about booking and payment options.
  • Do I need Visa for international Travel packages?
    Yes, All our international tours requires appropriate and valid Visa.
  • What will be the weather conditions at my tour places?
    You can see the weather conditions of the places of your tour from the link provided on the respective tour page.